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family sitting at the dining table eating a home-cooked meal
Diet Tips

Save Calories & Cash By Dining In

By now, it’s common knowledge that eating out will add a load of extra unwanted calories. Recent studies discovered that eating out for just one meal a day will add over 400 calories for that day. Yet when that same individual dined in, they saved themselves those calories.

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sugar cubes stacked and scattered
Diet Tips

Sugar, Sugar And More Sugar

While I’m not much for social media involvement, it’s interesting to see the topics of discussion on the boards. Lately, I noticed much mention of sweet delectables such as cake, ice cream, chocolate, pastries and the like. Yeah, you know who you are and I’m talking to you!

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Fitness class with resistance bands

Get Moving Before You Grow Roots

By now, many of you may have fallen off your resolution bandwagon and reverted back to your old habits. Throughout the playoffs and the Super Bowl I know many of you were planted on the couch with your pizza, popcorn and beer… AGAIN! Well, before you start sprouting roots, how about getting into action?

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Discarded fast food wrapper

1 Year Old Cheese Burger & Fries

Another season has begun and here we are in the last quarter of the year. Well, it was one year ago that I posted a Vlog on the carnage of fast food and why you should avoid it. Hard to believe a whole year has already gone by, but here we are.

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teens doing pushups

Push For Life

On October 1st, Optimum Fitness Systems, along with Colorado Crimson Group, hosted the first Push For Life charity event, where the public was invited to come out and do push ups for a good cause. This event was put together on behalf of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and all those who are affected by that terrible disease.

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